Ac Installation and AC maintenance services

Air Conditioning Repair Services

We’ve worked on all kinds of AC installation, maintenance and air conditioning systems out there, and we’re confident we’ll be able to handle whatever your HVAC system throws at us. We even offer one-day emergency AC repair services in Islamabad and Rawalpindi so you don’t have to wait another day in the unbearable heat of summer.

We are independent owners and specialize in assisting you with all your air conditioning repair needs. We have all the standard tools, parts, materials, and resources to get the job done quickly and efficiently. Our HVAC techs are amiable, dependable pros with years of experience in heating and air conditioner repairs.

You and your family can be sure that we will arrive at your home or commercial office on time, providing fast and reliable service day or night. We offer emergency air conditioning repair servicesac installation in Rawalpindi and Islamabad residents. So, even if your air conditioner breaks down in the middle of the night, we’ll be there to fix it soon. 

AC services / Air Conditioning Installation:

We are a licensed and insured air conditioning installation
service provider that serves residents throughout Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Our
dedicated and experienced HVAC technicians strongly encourage you to work hard
to install your new HVAC system as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our AC repairing services experts will help you choose which HVAC system you
want in your home. Whether you’re looking for a standard HVAC system with
longevity and excellent air quality, or maybe you’re in the market for a more
energy efficient solution, Haziiir’s Air Conditioning Services has you covered.
We even offer air purification systems so you can breathe clean, fresh and cool
air all the time.

If you want cool air to circulate in your home, you can
count on us. Just call us to schedule an appointment and we’ll send a HVAC
technician to work on your HVAC system faster. We look forward to seeing you
today in Islamabad, Rawalpindi and installing your air conditioning unit!


Air Ducts cleaning:

Like any surface that collects exhaust, particles, debris,
and other contaminants, your air ducts must be cleaned and maintained
regularly. Your ductwork can become dirty over time, accumulating pathogens and
molds inside the air. When your cooling system is working, your air ducts expel
this dirty air from your home. This means that you are breathing in all the
pollutants that circulate in your home.

Fortunately for you and your air ducts, we’ve got you
covered. Our trusted air conditioning service professionals provide hands-on
air duct cleaning services to Islamabad and Rawalpindi residents. We thoroughly
clean your air ducts to ensure that only the freshest, freshest and coolest air
circulates in your home. We remove dust particles or contaminants from the
ductwork. Vacuum all the icky debris that may enter your lungs as you breathe.
Now, you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Haziiir’s air conditioning
services are there to protect your airways and your lungs.

Air Ducts Seal & Coat:

HVAC duct coating and sealing is essential for maintaining
and improving the durability of your air ducts. If you have fiberglass air
ducts, you will want a mold resistant coating to protect your air ducts from
future pollution.

Most homes in Islamabad and Rawalpindi have a fiberglass air
duct system. Sometimes dirt, dust, and even mold can accumulate in these air
ducts. When it builds up, it can spread throughout your air conditioning
system, causing polluted air to circulate in all areas of your home.

This means that you are breathing in all the potentially
harmful contaminants that are trapped in your fiberglass duct system. Our air
conditioning technicians provide duct coating services at Haziiir’s Air
Conditioning Services. Seal the fiberglass ductwork tightly and help reduce
airborne contamination. We also offer mold resistant coating, sealing and
re-coating to ensure that the mold does not stick to your air ducts. Duct
coating and sealing can also significantly extend the life of your air
conditioning system!

Indoor Air Quality:

When it comes to indoor air quality, you
always want to go with
the best. Breathing in fresh, cool, and clean air is essential to
improving your comfort and safety level. Our highly skilled and experienced
HVAC contractors will measure your indoor air quality and take the necessary
steps to improve air quality if necessary.

Pakistan chest society (PCS), and the Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) all agree that allergens and pollution in our homes can
cause our health problems, including heart attack, stroke, and other risks may
increase. Diseases Using our indoor air quality treatment and filtration
services will significantly reduce the risk of asthma, respiratory and
cardiovascular problems, and allergic complications caused by airborne pathogens.

At Haziiir’s Air Conditioning Services, we offer old AC, new AC maintenance and overall
improvement in quality of life for all families serving throughout Islamabad
and Rawalpindi. By improving the quality of indoor air, we are helping you live
a healthier, happier life. After completing our air quality improvement
process, you will know that you can breathe cleanly. Let’s clean your air so
you can only breathe in the freshest air. Say goodbye to indoor air pathogens,
dust particles, and pollutants. Choosing Haziiir’s air conditioning services
will help you and your family breathe easier and safer.

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